The Chicken or the Egg?

Here’s a slightly humorous piece I wrote a few years ago. Enjoy:

If one were to assume that space and time are truly immeasurable by declaring them to be infinite, one could then assume that the number of questions pertaining to life, the universe, and everything would also be equally infinite. Given the average life expectancy of a human being, we could then assume that a person asking one new question per day (without regard to leap year) would be able to pose a total of 25,550 questions within his life; hardly a drop of water in the great bucket of the grand scheme of things. When we examine the multitude of questions posed over the years, we can find a great array of ones that are worthwhile and others that appear to be a waste of time. One question that has been at the center of debate since debate was an actualized thing is: what came first, the chicken or the egg?

For me, the answer is painfully obvious: the chicken; it simply just was. It did not realize that it was a chicken, it just walked around all day, ate food, and took in the scenery. After many years of nomadic grazing, the chicken got quite lonely. It traveled around and wondered where all the other things like it were. It searched high and low, but it could never find another thing like itself. It knew that it was not immortal and that one day it would cease to exist; just like the plants and other things it observed throughout its journey. It knew that in order to live on, there would need to be more things just like it. Yes, more chickens! Then it would be able to stake out a little piece of real estate on planet earth and live on forever. It knew that it had to adapt. And throughout the amazing powers of evolution, it thought so hard about its predicament that an egg popped out.

It didn’t know what to do with the egg, but it was kind of embarrassed that this large thing just fell out of it. As a result, it decided to sit on top of it for a while and hope that nothing else saw this embarrassing event. Of course, the chicken had no idea that sitting on the egg was the very thing that it was supposed to do. After some time of sitting and pondering, the chicken started to feel something move beneath it. The movement was followed by a cracking noise. It stood up from the egg and took a few steps back. Looking down, the egg continued to crack open. Then, a smaller version of itself emerged.

The chicken thought that it was pretty neat. And here is where the story ends. You see, I’m not in a position to cover the transition from asexual reproduction and up, but nonetheless, it’s obvious that you can see that the chicken did, in fact, come along well before the egg.


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