Being Deliberate

Unfortunate outcomes or unpleasant results typically stem from bad actions, lousy plans, and improper attention to detail. I often analyze things in great depth before acting, if a situation allows for prior contemplation. Of course, not all situations can be thought out before a decision must be carried out (be it a high stress fight/flight type scenario), but assuming that you have some time to think it through, try to be decisive, deliberate, and attempt to make sure that your choice leaves enough room to further personal gain or success.

Every taken action has an outcome. Understand the choices available and which outcome will lead to the greatest amount of success. Explore all possibilities and never sabotage yourself. You are the most important element of your world. Self-preservation IS the highest law. Taking unneeded risks with cost of personal loss is hardly a wise move. Taking steps properly planned out will always get you the best overall results. If you do not put much into, don’t expect to get much out.

Acting on emotion or feeling is never recommended. Emotions and feelings can place blinders that prevent the reality from being recognized in place for something which ‘feels right’ or ‘does not feel right’. Acting upon factual details, viable data and past decisions is crucial. If you fail to learn from past mistakes, you are a fool. Repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again in hopes of a different outcome when no alternative is possibly attainable is usually defined as ‘insane’.

When people think with their hearts rather than a critical mind, they get sucked into pathetic realms of religion, worthless philosophy, and other useless garbage which is deigned to help perpetuate the emotionally weak. Be clear in mind and focused with your thought. See each situation for what is actually is, rather than what a potentially distorted emotional view might be hiding. Look beyond the scope of the obvious and dig in deeper. A lot more can be see if you take the time to look closer. Remember to not fall for the trappings of members of the opposite sex or compelling conversationalists. Throw away the sayings of ‘too good to be true’ and change it to ‘too obviously fake to be true’. And in those instances when you have failed and the wrong decision was made, do not find a scapegoat. Do not put someone else’s neck on the chopping block because you were the one who made the poor choice. The fault is at your hands. If a more cunning individual has tricked you, it’s because you failed to see through the deception. It’s them who shall then be congratulated for they have defeated the weaker mind. Don’t dwell, but use the situation as a basis for future scenarios to prevent it from happening again.

Life is far too short to live on a whim. Think clearly, effectively, and consider all options. Look beyond the immediate and consider all ramifications of your choices. Your lack of deliberation is not because of something else – it’s all on you.


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