Personal Protection

Personal protection is a subject that everyone should take seriously.

We can all agree that self-preservation is the highest law, but to what degree are you willing to act? If a violent thug is attempting to inflict immediate bodily harm to you, how far are you willing to go in order to neutralize the impending threat? Some of you may talk big and make statements that you would kill somebody, but I doubt that many of you are actually ready to take that step and extirpate another human being just yet. For many of you, it will take a localized act of violence, against you or someone that you love before you open your eyes and see that extreme scenarios often require extreme solutions. In a world where the law is quickly coming kill or be killed, you must take off the blinders of passivism and be prepared to take whatever means necessary.

I always carry a weapon or two, regardless of the immediate threat level. The entropy of day to day life is rather high. We may know certain things will come to pass within the course of day, be it work, a commute home, and so forth, but we do not have any foresight in to whether or not we will be attacked. Those who are unprepared for surprises and the unexpected will ultimate make the best victims. I will also state that those who are not prepared are essentially establishing themselves as a potential victim, rather than a survivor or victor.

There are plenty of ways that you can ensure your personal safety. I realize that there are plenty of would-be professionals that speak highly of non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, but I fully reject such things. A proper implement of protection must be one that is capable of permanently rendering the attacker unable to continue his attack. If the implement results in the attacker’s death, then I have succeeded in preventing my own. If the implement results in the attacker being confined to a wheelchair the rest of his life or spending the rest of his miserable days sipping his meals through a straw, then again, I have succeeded.

Firearms are fairly easy to obtain, but in order to carry that firearm on you in a concealed fashion, you must have a permit. The permit will cost you a bit of money, but don’t complain. It is a small price to pay for protection! The permit will help to keep you legally protected in the event that you are placed into a situation where you must use the weapon to defend yourself or your family. Of course, a firearm does you no good if you are not familiar with the use thereof. I would urge those of you with no formal training on firearms to enroll in an educational course before you start a daily-carry regimen. If you pull the firearm on someone, yet you lack the ability to ready, aim, and fire quickly and proficiently, then you nothing more than a fool. You must learn how to wear the firearm comfortably and pull it out quickly, aim, and fire to kill.

Should you take the time to obtain a firearm and learn to use it properly, it’s equally important that you understand the law of the land. For example, if you are in a scenario where you invoke deadly force, it is important that you are aware of the laws that are applicable to a use of deadly force in a self-defense scenario. The burden of proof will be placed upon you to show that you were in fear of your life, or perhaps that life of a loved one and that no other option was available to resolve the situation peacefully. We cannot exist above the law or outside the law, we are accountable for our actions. When we make a kill, we must stand behind the decision and be prepared to deal with the ramifications sure to unfold. In addition to legal matters, you may find yourself a target after such an incident. Especially if you are one color or another—there will inevitably be some group to call for your death, it is to be expected.

There are plenty of other implements you can carry to provide protection. In a closed quarter combat type scenario, having a last-ditch knife is wise. These can be worn in many convenient locations where they can be quickly grabbed, deployed, and maximum damage can be inflicted. I always have two knives on my person at all times. One knife that serves a utilitarian purpose (opening packages) and the other, more specialized knife that serves a special purpose (inflicting damage, cutting flesh, and neutralizing targets). One thing to remember about knives is the shock-and-awe factor. When the attacker is turned in to the victim and sees his blood, he will experience a bit of shock. Seeing his mortality and perhaps worthless life flash before his eyes while holding a handful of his own blood may be enough to neutralize the situation in itself, but you must be prepared to act viciously and without mercy. Remember, this beast wanted to end your life, so make sure that introduce as much pain and suffering as possible into his.

Knives are best suited for closed quarter fighting, but there are other elements to consider as well. How well can you fight without weapons? You might do yourself some good by enrolling in physical self-defense courses and learn how to fight with purpose. A beastly thug attacking you will swing wildly, without control, just hoping to make connection. A skilled fighter strikes with purpose and precision knowing how to inflict the greatest degree of damage as possible. If you know where to strike and how to strike, you can disable an attacker fairly quickly, but let’s not forget another element of this. In some of these scenarios, it won’t be a one-on-one confrontation, but a gang-on-one.

In situations where there are multiple threats, a firearm will obviously be the best weapon. By killing one attacker in front of the others, his gang members will often be dissuaded from pursuing further actions against you. At the same token, you must also consider the fact that one or more of the attackers also have firearms, this where proper training comes in to play. It’s often safe to assume that the thug has little to no proper firearms training and his shots will be as wild as his punches, therefore striking with precision is of the utmost importance!

Finally, you must be able to come to terms with killing another human being. You must be able to disconnect with any forms of guilt that some of you may harbor. Remember, this fool would rather see you dead—do you think he would show any remorse if the roles were reversed? In fact, if you stay with the kill and follow it through on legal grounds, you are doing the right thing. Odds are that after the thugs killed you, they would simply run away and hide and, perhaps, never be caught. Remember that those thugs attack and run, they have no pride to stand beside their kill to be admired for their work. They want to run away, not be recognized, and not be accountable for their actions! Remember that the lives of the attackers has no value in comparison to your own. You are trying to survive, they are trying to destroy! There is no room for guilt in justifiable homicide!

Every day, new threats emerge and we must always be ready, prepared, and willing to do whatever is necessary to enable our own survival. There is no greatness to be found in a death invoked by thugs, but there is greatness to be found in the annihilation of thugs would are trying to bring death upon you! Only a fool or a coward would cling to the mantra of “turn the other cheek.” Only a victim will allow themselves to be ravished. The prepared individual of this world must be strong in both body and mind. Overcome the thugs, the bullies, and those who wish to harm you. Do not give them a free pass—make the price very great! We may not pick and choose our battles, but those who pick you do not need to enjoy what they have chosen.

A warrior must not wait for an actual war to begin before he starts readying himself for it. He must be working proactively within his life to ensure that when the war does happen, he is ready in both mind and body. The ability to react swiftly and deliberately are critical in a life or death scenario. As he walks through the streets or even through a store, he sizes everything up. He recognizes threats and prepares to deal with those threats as needed. He assumes that a viable threat could lurk around every corner.

It’s important to not only limit your personal protection for public situations, but also around your home. There have been thousands of home invasions all around the country. Just because the national media does not cover them all does not mean that they are not occurring. Being a victim in your own home is unacceptable! Your home is your lair, your personal kingdom, your headquarters, and you should protect it and all those who reside within it. Having firearms ready and easily accessible is important. Investing in security systems may also be wise if your finances can allow for it. It’s a good idea to have plans in place for dealing with threats in your home. The criminals will follow the path of least resistance, know this and prepare for it.

Stay vigilant and never stop observing. A mind that is wandering and not paying attention is a well-suited for attack. Never assume that “it can’t happen to me!” That is the mindset of the upcoming victim. Know that it can and may happen to you. Stack the odds in your favor and be prepared.


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