What separates the great guitar player from one that struggles? Natural talent, perhaps. But, it’s safe to say that great guitar players are made, rather than born. On the same grounds, we can draw a comparison between many different people. Take those who excel with technology and those who struggle. It’s not an effect of being ‘born’ with a specific skill set, but merely the amount of determination that one has when pursuing those skills.

Determination to accomplish something great is often rare. Most people are happy to settle for mediocrity rather than making an effort to be great. As a result, we have a world full of notably unremarkable people. A lot of focus goes towards the unproductive aspects of life. Some would rather be the cool person in a peer group rather than being the most intelligent as the intelligence factor is regarded as nerdy or mean that you are some sort of shut-in bookworm who sacrifices friendship for education. It’s a similar relationship good, bad or right, and wrong.

An end result of the kid who studies hard in school to get top grades, graduate at the top of the class, attend college, and eventually graduate is leading a productive adulthood with meaningful employment in which he can sustain a respectable living. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the kid who never studies, fails to get good grades, perhaps even drops out of school is a future of failure. He will probably become another leech living off of government handouts, working sub-par jobs, and not ever getting to experience that short-lived stardom being the class jackass.

Determination to set yourself above the bar, do more, and achieve higher levels of being is certainly a better choice. Going against the social grain to do what is right to ensure your own future is a much more intelligent choice than the extreme opposite. But as it is in life, there is no black and white or good and evil. There’s always a balancing factor. Not everyone who was once typecast as being a certain way will eventually wind up in the pit of failure. Life would be far too predictable. Instead, you have the few that manage to crawl up out of their boxed reality and become something great. What makes that person different from the rest who become stuck is that he must have some level of determination to want more to become something greater.

The reality that you are currently in, even if it feels like the whole world is against you, it can be changed. You are ‘stuck’, you just need more motivation and determination to change your situation. What can you do to rise above the funk of the now and work towards the great unknown?

Try harder.

Put in more effort.

Do your best.

Don’t just dabble, become a master.


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