We need more accountability in all areas of life. Be it in our personal actions or in the workplace, accountability seems to be in great decline. When I was a kid and did something stupid, I got punished. The punishment could have been an ass-kicking or something a bit lighter like being grounded for a week or two (grounded means that you were not allowed to hang out with friends, watch television, play video games, or take part in anything fun in order to provide you with plenty of time to reflect upon whatever is that you did to warranty said punishment). However, it seems like both parents and employers are almost afraid to take disciplinary actions these days. It’s easier to ignore a problem rather than face it and work to some sort of resolution.

Personal accountability means that you own your mistakes. If you screw something up or do something completely stupid, you have to deal with it. With the ever-softening politically correct world that we seem to be living in, accountability seems to be of little focus. Instead, we offer up multiple chances and do-overs (at least in non-lethal situations).

In the workplace, accountability should be incredibly inherent. If you are a manager or supervisor of a department or group of people and one of your subordinates has made a mistake, then you should confront that employee, point out the mistake, and try to ensure that it does not happen again. If it does happen again, the situation should escalate and a harsher outcome should result. If the problem manifests once again, you fire the person. Easy. Fix the problem by eliminating the source. At the same token, the supervisor or manager should also be held accountable. Make them own the problem just as much as the employee beneath him. People seem to have this disconnect between cause and effect. They continue making the same mistakes repeatedly because they understand that they will have infinite chances to try again. But there has to be a point where the futility of their trying is linked to a lack of ability which leads to the elimination of that employee from their duties as they can obviously do no better.

I see this happen far too often. Not only where I’m currently stationed, but in prior jobs as well. I think the fear of breaking the politically correct path or “being mean” with people due to the thought of facing some sort of personal punishment of their own is holding us back from making advancements. In a perfect environment, a failure rate would be zero. In reality, a much higher threshold exists. It exists and is set so high because there is no accountability. People are naturally lazy. They want to be paid top-dollar, yet they often do not offer top-performance. Everything in life should be set up within the confines of a meritocracy. People should be rewarded for remarkable work, rather than be treated like everyone else. This is why I thin unions are bullshit. We should realize that equality does not exist. Trying to develop a system to blanket an entire employee base as equals is pointless. You basically give the underachievers and worse employees the perks of those who are far superior, which is hardly fair to those who have exceeding well beyond the herd.

People are not equal. I’m not stating this from a male/female or black/white perspective, but based strictly upon skill sets and proven work. If two people are within a union and both are being compensated equally, yet one person is producing at a much higher level than the other, where is in the incentive for the superior person to continue working at his higher level? He is not being rewarded or recognized for his accomplishments and his work. He knows that the jackass next to him is at the same level and therefore he too begins to lower his own production in order to give validation to his anger. All because we are afraid to segregate the best from the worst.

The result is that you are simply empowering the unintelligent, the lazy, the weak. You are telling them that they are worth the same amount as the obviously superior person. How is that good for business? Everything should be based upon merit. If you are better than me and I make more mistakes, then you should be paid higher and I should be fired.

I think that this is part of why companies outsource. They can go set up shop in some third world country where people are willing to work their asses for next to nothing and they do a great job. In America, you have these workers with chips on their shoulders because someone at some point in their life told them that they were special. American workers demand top pay even though they are lousy workers, whereas the people in other countries are happy with any pay. We are spoiled. We lack the ability to appreciate. We want everything handed to us. We don’t see the value and meaning behind a hard days work. We’re fat, lazy, pieces of trash that were raised by people of equal stature.

Let’s get to a point where people are taught they are not special. Let’s explain that they are not equal and that equality is bullshit. Let’s tell people that they don’t “deserve” anything – you want something, you work hard for it. You can expect the world to reward you for nothing. Learn to be different and rise above the hoards. Strive for greatness. Strive for perfection. Strive to be the best motherfucker in this world. But also realize that you must be accountable for your actions. Nobody else can answer for you.


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