Losing Relevancy

I think that we are at a crossroad in America. From a political standpoint, the majority of the people who are in office are, for the most part, a bunch of old people that possess old views. We lack freshness, but hold plenty of staleness. There is no new thought. Everything is is a rehash of what once was rather than what should be. With the amount of younger people joining the workforce, coming of age to vote, and demanding to have their voices heard, the folks who are in charge are hardly representative of the demographic.

It’s laughable to think that some rich, white jackass with a collection of college degrees is capable of possible understanding the needs of poor black folks in the ghetto — or even poor white folks in the suburb for that matter. There is an obvious disconnect that exists between an understanding of what people need versus what they are capable of achieving. There is no confidence in the American people. The people in charge believe that the Americans are too stupid to take care of their own person matters such as healthcare choices, therefore the government must swoop down and command people to not only get healthcare, but also limit the available choices to them.

The people in Washington are not working with the best interests of the people in their agenda. They are working for something else…what might it be? I’ll let you be the judge of that. The fact is, the government has lost is relevancy. One does not need to spend countless hours pouring over endless documents of research to come to that conclusion, it’s abundant in the headlines all around us.

Take a look at the president himself. How is it possible that the commander in chief can claim that he had no idea that the NSA was actively spying on all of the various targets that they were? How can the president of this country use ‘ignorance’ as a scapegoat? Are you not in charge? Maybe not. The position of president of the FREE WORLD has quickly lost its glory and has become a laughing stock. America is fast becoming the next big joke in the eyes of the global community.

Losing relevancy.

The world around us is changing and moving forward, yet this country is virtually standing still. China is now actively trying to replace the American dollar a the world reserve currency. UN nations are coming together to condemn the US for their spying. Remember the big threat we made on Syria? Guess they got the last laugh, right?

We invade countries in order to “liberate” them. We kill alleged terror kingpins. We give billions of dollars in aid to countries who are poor, yet we fail to liberate and help our own people from the misery that is this American existence.

We claim to be a superpower, but the incompetence of the leadership we have is making America look super-stupid. What would Thomas Jefferson make of all of this?

Perhaps, “out of control” would be a good way to describe this?

America is in clear, obvious decline. It’s like a big snowball rolling down the hill getting bigger and bigger. It can only get so big before…

No jobs. No truthful representation of the populace. Just shipping jobs overseas and catering to special interests.

What do we have to look forward to here? Prime time television? No matter what, our favorite sitcom will be on at 8 o’clock sharp, so don’t worry! Taxes? Death?

Maybe a complete breakdown is what we need. A  moment to witness a modern passing of the guard and ushering in of a new age.


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