Pretentious people enjoy talking. Many do not know when to stop. They keep going on and on trying to convince you that they are the ‘best’ at whatever subject is on the table. Some try to interject certain keywords or phrases in attempt to provide external validation through captivating you as their audience. Desperately they try to prove themselves to whoever they can find that provides an available ear to listen. I’ve always found it better to not play all of my cards at once. In fact, it’s critical to my day to day methodologies to appear as unassuming as possible. I like to keep certain aspects hidden or obscured from general observation. It often provides me with fun avenues of exploitation. Sometimes the exploitation is for personal gain and carried out with all seriousness and other times it is simply for pure enjoyment.

When someone brings up a subject, I allow them to speak freely, and I listen closely. I make a few notes on what I have heard. Maybe in a few days, weeks, or months, the individual brings the subject back up. This time I listen for contradictions. I wait for them slip up and operate in hypocrisy. I occasionally call them on it or drop hints and say things that allow them to remember their former stance. I will often play both sides of the fences. I even say the wrong things intentionally to get them to talk even more – to provide additional fuel for my infernal fire.

Operating like a spider is the key. Around you exists a web of your subjective reality. Perhaps your very presence is tempting or comforting for people. They approach, they begin speaking. Like the insect that finds itself within the outer fringes of the spiders web, they realize that they are stuck. The harder they try to escape, the deeper they become entangled. Eventually, I will strike.

The best grave that can be dug is the grave that people dig for themselves. When they realize that they have screwed up, they can put their efforts to good use and crawl in it. People will ultimately destroy themselves. Especially those who believe that they are the best. Their mind can only allow for that type of thought it nobody has dared to challenge them. If you play the game correctly, you can allow them to be their own challenger and watch them play themselves. Watching them get tangled up in the web and become exposed for attack is wonderful.

Pitting people against each other can be even more enjoyable. Acting as the catalyst to create a reaction between two different compounds is a good skill to have. Allow them to harm each other while you escape freely. Using people like pawn in your own devious ways is not empowering, it’s easy, but it does provide a nice source of entertainment.

The quieter you are, the more you can hear. What you hear can provide valuable fuel. That fuel can then be placed on the fire when you feel it necessary. Occasionally, a fire must rip through the forest in order to enable new growth to take form.


One thought on “Secrets”

  1. I do agree that the quieter you are the more you can hear. As far as pretentious people, I try to avoid them and if I can’t avoid them, I work to escape as quickly as possible. I don’t waste my time engaging with them at all.

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