I find the act of lying to be disgusting and it seems that, these days, liars are of great abundance. Extracting the truth should not have to be a chore; people should simply be willing admit fault, accept responsibility, and be truthful in their actions and words. Perhaps it’s easier to tell a lie than to face a harsh truth? An even more daunting task is when you are charged with weeding through lies while trying to get to the bottom of something. Frustration, anger, and contempt for fellow mankind comes naturally when forced to deal with those who are unable to speak truthfully.

There are many types of liars. Some liars lie habitually in feeble attempts to try and enhance the perceptions of other people. They create stories that involve strings of certain impossibilities that hold no merit in reality, simply to make others think more highly of them. Professional liars use their great lying ability in order to exploit others for their own corporate benefit. Embarrassed liars typically spout lies in order to cover-up their own personal problems and deal with their shortcomings. Some liars lie so much that their lie becomes a reality within their own world. There are also inconsistent liars who can’t keep a story straight if they were reading from a script. Multitasking liars tell several lies to several different people and are quite adept at managing all of the various lies and keep them from crossing over.

The replacement of truth for fallacies is akin to the religious. Denying objectivity in exchanged for contaminated subjectivity is an easy way to convince a fool. Critical thinkers can see beyond the smoke and mirrors and find truth in that which is skewed. A lie is a lie if the facts presented are easily proven to be false. Attempts to distort the facts to perpetuate a lie is the art of the bastardized scum of the earth. They sacrifice integrity for hypocrisy and prefer a fantasy to reality.

Perhaps people are just so miserable that lies are the only thing that they can hold onto? The power of denial is great compared to the power of dealing with a given situation. If we convince ourselves that a situation is a certain way, in light of the facts, maybe it won’t be quite as difficult of dealing with. By saying, “I did the best I could”, followed by circumstantial anecdotes is not the phraseology utilized by the successful, but more so a trait of those who are unable to excel.

The burden of proof does not rest upon the faculties of those who observing, but those who are providing. If a person claims that the sky is green, an observer need only look up to see that it is clearly blue. If a person claims that it is Sunday, an observer can check a calendar to either prove or disprove. The one making the claim who wishes to have support for the claims must be able to convince the observer of something, but the available tools are double-talk and deceit.

The sea of liars creates a massive roadblock in life; who do you trust? Are you capable of trusting anyone? Should we all be jaded and simply not trust anyone at all? Is it an impossibility that we can ever truly trust anyone as we accept the fact that their potential to lie is greater than their potential to tell the truth? Is it possible to take any stock in anything that is said by anyone when that potential exists?

Even in our own government, lies are commonplace. Seeking out truth is incredibly difficult. Cynicism reins supreme. We often feel as though everyone is against us because most people are out to only benefit themselves. Selfishness is fine, but if the cost comes in the form of giving up your dignity and integrity, how much value can you take away?


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