Stifled Greatness

Unhappiness is a condition that has been inculcated into the human paradigm through millennia of religious teachings, self-imposed suffering, and hegemony. Many people believe that they are destined to endure unhappiness and suffering as a badge that will lead them into glory in another life after their current life has ended. Others subject themselves to unneeded punishments as a way to prove their strength and worth as to impress their leaders and unseen gods in exchange for a wealth they never find and a glorious heaven that nobody has proven is real. Men wish to become martyrs and act out in extreme displays of religious devotion while others rejoice in the violence they unleash.

Those who are victorious hold the ability to author the history books—tweaking it just right to validate and establish a base of righteousness for their respective causes and often rash acts of violence perpetuated upon others to get their way. The losers are unceremoniously converted, forced to become one with that which they fought so hard against simply to ensure their own survival. They pick up the piece of their broken lives and try to sustain life through the acceptance of new systems, new beliefs, and new ideologies that have been cast upon them. The victors at the top wave their might and words of progress in order to satiate the anarchists and attempt to extirpate the transgressors wholly.

What, then, shall we believe is to be the Ultimate Truth? Should we all simply believe what we are told or taught as pure fact and accept the history books as written by the victors? Or should we question all things and seek for deeper truth and meaning within the ash and rubble of decimated and condemned history? Over time, historical documentation providing a dark contrast to the supposed truths have been uncovered and quickly re-covered by the entities holding supreme power. The enactment of mass-denial through powerful suppression keeps the truth hidden and far out of the reach for those who seek it. Television, media, and other technological distractions keep the minds focused on everything else except trying to uncover the information that could hold the keys to the grandest human liberation as ever imagined by any free-thinker that has ever existed.

Tainted lessons purveyed by power-holders to paint themselves with mythical halos to represent a sort of holy framework for their actions work secretly to amass great fortunes through enabling human suffering and propagating unhappiness through the false doctrines of supposed sacred texts. The implantation of governments formed around the same holy framework do not serve to benefit the inhabitants of a region but provide a mechanism for stifling their chances to achieve any greatness that they may have sought. The great American war on drugs is simply a façade—an overly obvious media-centric attempt to show government based compassion to rid the streets from illegal drugs. A true effort to eliminate drugs is not what they seek, as we all know that keeping your citizens high and stoned will help to prevent them from seeking truth. It’s a much grander presentation to proclaim great acts for the betterment of society, make a few arrests here and there, but ultimately fail to bring any real change. It is for the same reason that we find terrorists and extremists able to strike on American soil—the powers that be need to utilize the element of fear in order to enact new regulations to restrict the reach of their peoples.

Western society is heralded as being a melting pot of diversity and culture, yet religious doctrines and dogma prohibit gay couples from becoming married. The detest of the people against the idea of gay marriage is directly lifted from holy texts which espouse that sex should be limited to a male and female for the sole purpose of continuing the human species. As it stands, however, planet Earth is crowded and too many humans are able to freely walk around, destroying the environment and raping vital resources while failing to replenish. Perhaps allowing more gay marriage and recognition of gay couples is part of the key that may help to ebb the population explosion. To believe that the planet is a never-ending supplier of resources that will allow us to continue on this path indefinitely is foolish. Like with anything in life, a critical balance must be maintained to keep things operating properly, lest it be destroyed.

As a species, we all take things for granted. We assume that tomorrow will arrive as scheduled, our paychecks will be delivered as expected, and that our favorite television show will air on time. We believe that justice will prevail, that criminals will be prosecuted, and that good will ultimately be victorious over evil. Yet, innocent people are often imprisoned and later exonerated, the supposed “good” is operating at the pinnacle of that which is societally defined as “evil” and the victors are only so as carried out through endless wars and violence. We freely assume and convince ourselves that everything is a certain way through the process of denial in order find comfort in our respective spots. Comfort is what we seek, greatness is what will forever remain beyond our grasp.


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